" A track day ride, well there is this velodrome near by and well ..  I need a track bike ".  Simple enough idea, with this as the result. 

Twin Top tube to seat stay design, in house curved tubes mated to Columbus Spirit 38mm down tube and short taper chain stays, tapered head tube with a Columbus Pista carbon fork, Cane Creek 110 headset, recovered saddle with teal suede, Rotor 3D24 track crank, chain ring and bottom bracket, all that finished off with vintage Cane Creek Volos track wheels.

Bi-laminate joints on the down tube, heavily reworked horizontal drops outs to mate to the stays with open ended stay tips. Lots of zombie killer points in the steel, bi-lams, and paint details, you can never be to safe when it comes to zombies.

The paint was inspired by a 1955 Buick Century. Cream and turquoise blue with sliver details hopefully give that mid-century look. Oh ya, and Cheerwine !